PH&PMC Minutes July 2021

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Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Hall and Property Management Committee held at the Parish Hall, Ravenhill Park, Brereton, on Thursday, 15th July 2021.




Alderman R Easton [Chairman], Councillors Mrs DM Easton, Mrs G Harvey, Mr JC Harvey and    Mrs L Johnson.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors K Ansell, Mrs P Ansell and DR Johnson.


Mrs R Davies [Committee Clerk] was also present.




No declarations of interest were given at the commencement of the meeting.






That the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd June 2021, be approved and signed as a correct record.




  • Vandalism


The Committee Clerk reported on the present position with regard to the progress made in respect of the damage caused to the Heritage Sign.


There had been no response to the email sent to Family and Civil Proceedings.


The Committee Clerk would attempt to further investigate the position regarding reimbursement from the young person’s parents for the damage caused.


  • Hire Fees


The Committee Clerk reported on the hire fees received this financial year.  These were still at a discounted rate for regular groups.


Councillor Mrs L Johnson enquired about the problem with Winchmore Tutors.  They had cancelled any further bookings.  Alderman Easton outlined the problem regarding noise and the Committee Clerk said that alternative days and times had been offered.  Winchmore Tutors had declined.


It was confirmed that the letter of thanks for Katie’s continued support [Twinkletoes] had been sent.


  • Planters


The Committee gave very favourable feedback on the lovely planters situated just outside the Parish Hall.  All agreed that the planters looked very attractive.  The Chairman thanked Councillor John Harvey for his splendid efforts and this was echoed by all present.


Councillor Mrs DM Easton raised the question of how the planters would be secured.  It was agreed that chains or brackets to the wall would help to secure the planters.





The Chairman asked Councillor Harvey to provide details of the cost of materials in order that he could be reimbursed.


  • Telephones


The Chairman again reported on the telephone system.  This was still ongoing – a faulty router had been returned to the Company and a form had been completed and sent to Pop Telecom to get the Parish Hall’s old telephone numbers reinstated.  The telephone in the foyer was not operational as yet.


  • Facebook


The Parish Hall was now on Facebook.


Councillor Mrs L Johnson enquired about bar facilities in the Parish Hall.  It was suggested that a Councillor could apply for a Personal Bar Licence and then it was discussed whether the Personal Bar Licence holder would have to remain on the Parish Hall premises for the duration of the booking.  It was stated that as long as a competent person was left in charge, this would be acceptable.


Councillor Mrs L Johnson would make enquiries of Councillor Paul Fisher as to whether he held a Personal Bar Licence.




Councillor Mrs DM Easton raised concerns regarding a pet cat that had received several injuries.


The Committee Clerk reported on a conversation that had taken place with Mr Jim Cusack, one of the allotment holders.  Mr Cusack had spoken to the other allotment holders who had categorically confirmed that snares were not used on the allotments and never had been.  He invited the Committee to do a spot check on the allotments and also offered to attend a Committee meeting if required to do so.


The Committee provisionally set 6th September 2021, for a spot check on the allotments at 6.00 pm.


The Chairman suggested that a note be sent to the allotment holders stating that the Committee were pleased that problems with the rodents had been satisfactorily dealt with.  They would, however be reminded that snares/traps were prohibited and that any problems or concerns should be reported to the Committee in order that they could be dealt with.




            Councillor Mrs L Johnson enquired about opening times for the tennis court.  It was confirmed that the tennis court stayed open at all times.


Discussion ensued regarding Christmas decorations for the tennis court:-


  • Santa Clause and Mrs Clause
  • Snowman
  • Grotto/Small Shelter


More discussion would take place in due course.




Arrangements had been made for three extra features in Armitage Road for 2021.







That the next meeting be held on 9th September 2021, at 7.30 p.m.





_____________________ [Chairman]