Annual Parish Meeting Minutes April 2019

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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held at the Parish Hall, Ravenhill Park, Brereton, on Tuesday, 2nd April 2019.




Councillors R Easton [Chairman], K Ansell, Mrs P Ansell, Miss IJ Brown, Mrs DM Easton,            PA Fisher, Mrs W Fisher, Mrs G Harvey, TA Jones and GN Molineux.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Miss C Harvey and Mrs R Harvey and District Councillor D Foley.


Mr PG Davies, the Parish Clerk, was also in attendance.




The Chairman welcomed all those present to the meeting and thanked everyone for          attending.




There were no declarations of interest given at the commencement of the meeting.






That the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 3rd April, 2018, be approved and     signed as a correct record.




The Chairman presented his report [copy attached].


The Parish Council placed on record  a unanimous vote of thanks to the Chairman, Councillor Ray Easton, for the excellent manner in which he had undertaken his duties and supported the community over the past twelve months.  Councillor Easton was referred to as an exemplar for the Council for the outstanding work he undertook for the benefit of the local community.  Councillor Jones indicated that both the Council and the wider parish owed him a great debt.  These sentiments were echoed by all present at the meeting.




The following report from District Councillor PA Fisher was presented by the Chairman:-


“Having got back in CCDC it comes as no surprise to me that the chamber remains a political circus, one blaming the other and vice versa.  It’s a pity that the two largest groups don’t work harder together, perhaps we would achieve more than we do.  I have worked closely with councillors from all parties within CCDC on many diverse projects.  In particular, I remain on planning which is one of my favourite committees.  However, it was with great sadness having had the first planning permission for the Talbot turned down – it was passed on a second improved application.  I hope they do a good job on the build as it is the doorway to Brereton.


            Firstly I wish to go back to last May when the elections were taking place.  It’s true to say that we [Liberal Democrats] pulled off yet another convincing victory.



            I would like to thank BRACE for yet again organising the Carnival.


            I had the honour in standing in the district due to the retirement of Councillor Molineux who, over the years, did a sterling job for the Parish.  We ran a great campaign and it’s due to the team effort that was put in by all the volunteers who prepared and delivered our leaflet.  Therefore, I would like to thank everyone who helped us deliver the leaflets and of course spread the word of the local Liberal Democrat Group.


            Congratulations Brereton Million on the refurb in the park and woodland walk.  Plus, a special mention for all the clubs, groups, charities and individuals that give a lot of their time and energy for the enjoyment of the residents of the Parish.


            Anti-social behaviour still rears its ugly head in the area, however, we have seen convictions for drug dealing and general bad behaviour.  However, I fear anti-social behaviour will increase, particularly over the summer months due to the lack of visible policing.  I have met up with the portfolio holder who deals with crime and attended various meetings with him trying to encourage the high ranking officers to increase cover for the Parish.  I am extremely pleased that the Parish Council has increased the security around the Parish Hall with extra internal and external CCTV.  On this subject, CCDC are upgrading all usable district cameras to get a better quality film and hopefully this will lead to more convictions.


            During my first meeting in Chambers it was proposed that Councillors awarded themselves a pay rise – this is something I disagreed with, therefore voting against it.  To be fair, both Councillors Foley and Dudson did the same.  However, it was carried and approved.  As soon as I got my first expenses, I donated £300.00 of them to local sports clubs for children in Brereton and Ravenhill.


            Finally, most of you know that I appeared on BBC’s Newsnight programme in December condemning some of the practices of our new neighbours, Amazon.  This had led to the formation of a liaison group made up of Councillors and individuals to meet periodically to iron out any issues.


            Also, only last week, I met up again with the BBC and we are in the process of putting together a full hour’s documentary focussing on neighbourhoods that have been impacted by the arrival of large employers such as Amazon, etc.


            Thank you.


            Gerald – good luck.


Councillor Jones referred to Councillor PA Fisher as a hard working Councillor who ‘punched above his weight’.  He was reliable and it was refreshing to know he would act upon matters referred to him.  Again, these sentiments were echoed by all present at the meeting.




County Councillor A Dudson was not present at the meeting.